Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Last Post for Today........the Kitchen Project!

So for the last few months, we have been working on our kitchen! YAY! I have wanted white cabinets forever and so one day when we were talking about the house, I brought it up and we decided to go for it and do some other things a long with it! First of all our oven kinda was falling a part a little. So Jeff found a GREAT deal on a double oven. So, we bought that along with a glass stovetop. We had to get a big cabinet to put ovens in and another cabinet to go where the oven used to be. We also did crown molding on the cabinets that looks awesome! We then decided to redo all the countertops with travertine - I LOVE IT! Then, we ripped up the floor and put down a really pretty wood laminate down that we got an amazing deal on! It looks sooo much better in our kitchen and feels better too! We still have some finishing touches to do, but we'll get there soon!

Here is the new double ovens in the new cabinet in the corner of our kitchen. It fits there perfectly!
Pained white cabinets! We also turned the island, it seems to give us more space - which is GREAT! We need all the space we can get!

Our new cabinet with the glass cooktop - and Kate taking everything out of the drawer! She's good at doing this!

This picture didn't turn out - of well! But you can see the travertine, and also the raised bar on the island! It is perfect now with how high our stools are.

Another view of our double ovens! Oh, and in these pictures, you can see the new floor! I don't have any before pictures, but just picture really ugly lenolium on the floor and brown cabinets with cheap countertops! :) It's MUCH BETTER now, trust me.
Have you ever noticed how hard it is to get projects done with kids around????

3 More Weeks and Counting......

What do you get when you have a three year old boy doing a flip off the side of the tramp?
A BROKEN LEG!!!!!!!! I just still cannot believe it! When he fell, he slammed his leg on the bar of the tramp and fractured it right under his kneecap. Poor kid! Leave it to the "twins" to have all the injuries - Kam had the first stitches last October, and now Jace with the first broken bone!
This happened two weeks ago, and he had a splint on it for the first 4 days. When the splint was on, he kept telling me to "take this big sock off"!!! When I told him that we couldnt, he said "Well then will you put a sock on my other leg?" It was pretty funny. Another thing he keeps saying is "Mom, can I get down and walk on the floor?" When I tell him he can't, he says "Im just kiddin Mom." He has to tell everyone what happened wherever we go! One more thing he did, was one day Jeff and I were talking, trying to decide what to do for dinner, and all of the sudden, Jace who was laying on the bed, yelled at the top of his lungs "I'M THE ONLY ONE WITH A BROKEN LEG"! We both burst out laughing! So now the hard cast has been on for a week and a half, and we have 3 MORE WEEKS to go! One day at a time....................

He choose a black cast because he wanted a "Sherriff" cast. He associates his colors with the cars from the movie "Cars". So Sherriff means black! Hopefully the next three weeks flies by, because this is one demanding kid! Good thing he is so cute!


Summertime was SHORT! We are on A track so the kids started school the the end of July. Hopefully the kids still had a fun one. Here are just a few pictures....

This is one of the kids favorite things to do! They love sitting outside with their feet in our little fountain. Even though they just put their "feet" in they always come in soakin wet! :)
This is a picture of Jace who found a red stamp pad while we were making birthday cards to send to my grandma, and he rubbed it all up and down his arm! That was sooo much fun cleaning that off!

We did get a chance to go camping for about 3 days. It was a lot of fun! Jace got to go fishing for the first time ever!

Kate was such a good girl! She had a blast on the four wheeler and even fell asleep on one of our rides!

Over the summer, my mom took us on little fieldtrips once a week. I love that she cares so much about spending time with her grandkids! She is the best grandma and the kids love her soo much! We went to Thanksgiving Pointe, Salt Lake around Temple Square, a movie, Wheeler Farm, Gateway, and a bunch of other places! We had a great time wherever we went - except for the tantrums that would surface every now and then! :)

Another cute picture of the kids! No, I did NOT have another baby! That cute little thing is my new neice! Her name is Emrie Lynn Sellers and she is the cutest little thing - I love her sooo much! She was born in March and Micalyne is the cutest little mom!

Kamree's Pre-School Graduation

Kamree graduated from preschool the end of May........yes, I know its the end of August......and yes, I know she has now started Kindergarten, but, better late than never, RIGHT?
She was so cute in her little new dress! She sat through the graduation, but did not sing any of the songs. On the last song, she did do a few very unenthusiastic actions to the song. Then when it was over, she ran up to me and said "Mom, I sang ALL the songs!" Okay?????
Anyway, she is the cutest little girl ever (along with Kaylee and Kate, that is :))
One funny thing about Kamree's time in Preschool: There was a little girl named Ruthie in her class, but Kam called her "Roof-ee". Well Kam didn't care that much for Roofee because I think ? they got in to a fight over a toy or something like that. She would come home and say "Oh I hate that Roofee!!! So I would hear all the time how Kam didn't like this girl, but she would try to be nice to her. So at the graduation, she was sitting at the front of the room, and then when Roofee came in, she looked and pointed at me with a serious look on her face, and then pointed right at Roofee who was coming through the doorway. She wanted me to see her I guess! It was sooo funny! I burst out laughing and then had to tell my brother who was sitting next to me and saw the whole thing! It was pretty funny!

Kamree with Grandma and Grandpa Bell

Kamree with Grandma and Grandpa McCann

Kamree with her BEST friend Zac

Our little PreSchool Graduate! We love You Kam!

Monday, February 22, 2010

I guess I kinda dropped the ball!'s been a loooonnnnngggggg time! The last part of 2009 was kind of hectic and hard, but here we are -------- we made it through standing strong!!! :) From September through the end of December, Jeff had to work out of town in Las Vegas! Uggghhhh! In a way, it was a good opportunity because the money in Vegas is better than here, but we sure did miss him at home! And while we were extremely grateful for the work, we would rather be home all together!

To help make things not so bad, we went to stay with him the first part of October. We stayed for 10 days and it was so nice and fun to be together for that length of time. It was nice too, because we were able to make a fun trip out of it for the kids as well as ourselves (even though Jeff still had to work). My sweet sister Krishelle made the road trip with me and the kids so I wouldn't have to drive alone! She stayed for 3 days and then flew back. It helped sooo much to have her there and we had a lot of fun laughing and having headaches from the kids together! :) It took us forever it seemed to get there because of the numerous potty breaks and food breaks we had to make for the kiddos, but seriously was sooo fun! When we got to the hotel/casino that Jeff was staying at, the kids were really excited to see him and to be there - me too!:) It was hillarious because as we unloaded the car, Jeff, Krishelle, and I all had our arms full of bags, pillows, blankets, etc..... even the kids helped and had there arms full. So what was funny was all the people in the casino, that we had to walk through, were looking at us like we were crazy because of how ridicuous we looked and I'm SURE this was running through all there minds "oh my gosh! those people have 4 kids!!!!!" Well then we get to the escelators and WOW - how embarrassing! There we were standing at the top with everything stacked in our arms, and now we have to get all this stuff down - and the 4 kids! I think Jace and Kamree started crying because they were scared and by the time we made the attempt to get on the stupid thing with the kids, I think we just about killed ourselves! We looked soooooo stupid! I would probably laugh if I was on the other side watching - it was THAT ridiculous!

Anyway, after that tramatic experience, we got settled in. It was perfect because the hotel room was already paid for! What a great opportunity to have this cheap trip!:) We got there on a Thursday night, so the next day we just relaxed and had a good time going to see Hoover Dam, and on the way there took a tour at a chocolate factory. Later, we walked the strip and ended with the water show at The Bellagio - which the kids absolutely loved! It was a nice day! And man did we get more and more looks from everyone onthe strip! Seriously? Has nobody there seen a family of 6 before??? The famous line of our trip was "You guys sure have your hands full! hehehe." Ya, that got OLD! And as always we had tons of people ask if Jace and Kamree were twins - most of the time the answer was "YES".

The next day (Saturday) we were so excited! We had planned to surprise the kids by getting up super early, load them in the car, and make the 3 hour drive to Disneyland! The kids had no idea! So, they slept most of the way there which was nice, and then as was got up to the gates, Kaylee and Jace were sooo happy! And then there was our funny Kamree! She was sitting in the back seat and had been singing for at least the last hour of our drive. She was in her own little world - staring out the window as she sang! I had to look at her, call her name for her attention and say "Kam! Look! Where are we?" She stopped singing, looked up, and in a non-impressed voice said"Disney-land!" We could not stop laughing! Once we got parked and into the park, her excitement finally kicked in! Such a funny girl!!! What a fun day!

The rest of the time there we spent relaxing, swimming, shopping and just having a great time! When it was time to go, my amazing mom flew into Las Vegas just to ride home with me - again, so that I wouldn't have to travel by myself with the 4 kiddos! Again, we had a really fun time coming home! We stopped in St. George to grab some quick dinner and it was sooo funny, cause when we got back on the road, we ended up going through all the little towns like Hurricane and Laverkin (?) We got on a road that we though would lead us to back to the freeway, but instead had the opportunity to explore these towns in the pitch dark! At one point, in Laverkin, it was sooo dark , no lights anywhere and we were surrounded by hills. Kaylee was in the back seat and all the sudded says " Mom and Grandma, I'm scared! And I think I just saw someone running by the car with a dark face and waving their hands!!!!" We had to try not to laugh! It was sooo funny! I had to laugh when my mom looked at me after and said quietly " Well we're scared too!" And we both started laughing! Finally we found the freeway, and again that roadtrip took longer than it needed to be! At one point, Jace had dumped his Sprite with ice down into his seat, and about 10 minutes after that had happened, he said "Grandma, my bumb is really cold and its burning!" We had to find a gas station, dump his seat out, take off his pants, and put blankets all around him! Toooo funny! It was such a fun trip, and I'm so glad we were able to go!

In Novemeber, I was able to go back myself and stay for about 4 days with Jeff! We had so much fun! These times are so fun to be able to regroup and just have a break! Jeff came home the week of Christmas and has been home since then -minus one short 4 day out of town trip. We are feeling like things are back to normal and are so grateful for that! This year and future years are going to better as far as the "out of town stuff" goes! He should be able to be here and stay busy! :) Things are deffinately better being able to be together as a family! I am so grateful my husband and all he does for our family! He is such a hard worker and I love him so much. I am also so grateful for my kiddos! They are the most adorable kids ever! :)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

24th of July Weekend!

For the weekend, we decided to go camping with some friends and boating with Jeff's parents. It was a lot of fun! This was the first time the kids had really been camping! They absolutely loved it! I think they loved it mostly because they were allowed to get dirty and not get in trouble for it! They also thought it was so cool that we all slept in a tent - which we borrowed from Jeff's parents - we have no camping equipment! Anyway this was the only picture of camping that I got. We just spaced it! Our friends had a four wheeler so the kids got to ride on it. We all had a great time! Then we met Jeff's parents at Deer Creek for boating. The 3 older kids had been on the boat before, but this time they didn't cry because they were nervous - they loved this as well! Even the baby was SOOOO good the whole time! She is such a good and happy baby!
Here is Kate just having a good time! She just goes with the flow! I am SOOO lucky to have such a good baby - especially with having 3 other kids!

Is this not the cutest picture fo Kate and Jace? I can't stand it! They are such cute little buddies!

Kamree and Jace are cute little buddies too! I love that their life vests are the same! Whenever the boat got going fast, they would grab hands and laugh their heads off! They take such good care of eachother!

I was so impressed that the 3 older kids all took a ride in the tube! Kaylee even went by herself one of the times. Kamree and Jace didn't last too long, but they atleast tried it! The tube went pretty slow when they were in it and they did awesome!

Jeff got in the tube with Kaylee, and she let Jeff's dad go a little bit faster. As they were going the tube hit a couple big waves and the tube tipped. Luckily Jeff saw it coming and got Kaylee up above water right away. I thought she'd be upset and screaming, but by the time she got back in the tube, she was laughing her head off. And she went again!

Poor Kate! She HATED the infant life jacket that she had to wear - you could just tell by the look on her face! It was pretty funny!

Jace riding on the boat by Jeff. He was scared that if he touched the water, the fish would bite his toes!

Our little model, Kaylee. I can't believe how big she is getting!

Kamree is soooooo cute! She has the cutest smile! She did ride in the tube with Jeff and I, but decided she was done as soon as a bunch of water splashed up in her face! She was screaming at the top of her lungs when that happened! We all had such a great weekend! Wish it could've lasted a little bit longer!

Random Stuff!

We were all able to go to the Oquirrh Temple open house about 2 weeks ago. It was soooo beautiful and the kids just loved it! They were all so good the whole time - even "the twins" who sometime have a hard time being quiet! :) It was nice to be all together in the temple and realize how blessed we are and that we can all be together forever!
Here is Kaylee with 2 teeth missing! She has been beside herself, because "everyone in her kindergarten class had already lost teeth - except for her!!!!!!!!" So to say that she was excited when she lost 2 teeth in July is an understatement! So cute! I love how little kids look when they lose teeth!

Sorry Jace for the underwear picture, but this was so dang cute! Kate was playing on the rug and was crawling around and finally layed down and fell right to sleep. Jace eventually ran in and layed right up next to her and fell to sleep as well. Kate is half naked because she had spit up on her shirt right before her nap and I just hadn't put a new shirt on yet. Jace is just about naked because I am still trying to get him 100% potty trained and it helps not to dress him so he remembers he is wearing underwear - it works sometimes!

I thought this was a cute bath picture! I love it when their little enough to bathe in the kitchen sink. So cute! I always used to do this with Kaylee and Kamree as well!

I could not stop laughing when Jace came in drinking the syrup! The thing that is the funniest about this, is that I think my sister and I did this when we were little - so it must be something that was passed down! GROSS!

And here is the last freaky picture! About 2 weeks ago, Jace came running into the living room where I was just SCREAMING! Then he was so upset that he held his breath and was turning purple and looked like he was going to pass out! He always does this when he gets really upset. Jeff used to do that when he was a little - so that must be passed down too! Anyway I grabbed him trying to figure out was going on. I then looked down and blood was pouring out of the bottom of him foot. I cupped my hand by his foot to hold the blood - my hand was full within about 15 seconds. I yelled for the girls to bring me a towell - Kamree brought me a roll of toilet paper. Too funny! Then they finally brought me wipes, so I used those and I think I used half of them! This picture was what bled on the floor in addition to what I was holding in my hand. I thought for sure when I finally got his foot to stop bleeding, I would see a huge cut, but it was a puncture wound that wasn't even that big - it was just deep. Anyway, I bandaged it up and told him to show me what in the world he stepped on. He had climbed in the play pen that was set up against the wall in my bedroom and when he was climbing out he came down on the heater vent that was out and turned upside down. We had taken the vent out to try to get more cool air in the house and didn't worry about anyone getting hurt on it because it was out of the way. Anyway, it scared me pretty good!